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Hey there!

Thanks for the replies everyone. I really appreciate it!

I just did some digging around the web & found this posting where someone had the same problem I am having.

I'm not 100% convinced that it's as simple as the filter. Although I'd be really happy if it were. I'll remove the filter if it is a simple fix to correct this drastic problem! And I'll give it a try the next time I'm up against some candles.

I'm going to try the test that someone suggested in the thread above.

If I can't resolve the reflection issue, I might give my 28-80 f3.5-5.6 a try in that situation. I'd get AF, but have to crank the ISO up a bit to freeze the action.

Any other suggestions on using the 50mm in this situation or other ways to get rid of the reflections?

Take care, yours truly,

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