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Default Re: Need Help - Paint Shop Pro 8

Originally Posted by Frosty
I am not able to open the picture in another editor even though I have saved it as a JEPG. Right now I cannot open ANY picture in ANY other editor except PSP8.
If you can't open genuine jpg files, using "File | Open..." from within another viewer that's already running....

1. Are you *sure* you saved as jpg and not as PSP's own native format, but accidentally named with a jpg suffix?

2. Are you sure you didn't save in a newer jpeg format (JPEG2000?)from PSP8 that isn't supported by your other viewers?

3. Have you got enough memory to run PSP8 as well as another program as well? You may have many copies of full uncompressed bitmap images in memory at the same time.

If you're just having trouble getting other editors to start when you double click a jpg (or other) image file....

PSP, just like many other programs, steals all the possible image file associations when you install it. You can set the file associations back to what you want from within PSP. It's probably under "File | Preferences | File Associations".

Sorry if you know all this already. Good luck!
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