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quote from your post in the other forum:
Part of the reason I'm asking this is because I posted some photos (People section: My bride and my mother in law) and I was hoping you guys would take a look at those (I also posted the exif info) and tell me why my bride looks so washed out.

Can you help me out?
The biggest issue I see in these isn't that your bride is washed out it's that the photos aren't sharp. Part of that is the wide apertures you're using but I'm wondering if a bigger part isn't camera shake as well.

The second photo is an example of where you used an aperture too wide. Your bride is in focus but her mother is not. At 1/250 I'll discount camera shake and motion blur and attribute the issues to using too shallow dof.

In the last shot - neither is in focus and at f4 I would still expect something to be in focus. At 1/60 with the background as light as it is (indicating flash wasn't enough to freeze movement) I'm inclined to think camera shake is an issue.

Or your camera has a focus issue.

But - back to your bride being washed out. I don't think it's that bad - overall the photos are exposed well. But this is an example where the dodge tool in your photo editing software is a great tool. A few moments dodging her in these photos and the exposure would be great. When I first read your post in the other thread I was expecting much worse flash burn but exposure wise these are not bad at all.

EDIT: I meant the BURN tool, not the dodge tool - dodging will make it lighter - you want to make it darker. Sorry for any confusion.

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