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"I have a 28mm I bought new many years ago- it is an M not an A lens - but at thast price it is good value. It is quality Pentax prime and they are usually very good.

It may not last very long so go back and buy it now

Phil "

Yea I am sort of biting my nails wishing I could just go back and pick it up but I am out of work (as with many people) and I really need to watch my spending. Its a Mennonite thrift shop and I noticed on the Sticker that its been there since January so odds are in my favor lol. I found out on the 3rd Friday of every month, everything goes for half price so I will go back then or if I have a little "extra" money I will go back. This is why I love Pentax What other camera brand can you find little jems like this? I can see myself becoming a Junkie lol. Lovin the other lens I got.
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