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Isn't comparing any P&S to even a low-end DSLR pretty much pointless? I see the mention of noise... but most reviewers, like steves and cameralabs, list the IQ of the SX1, SX10, FZ28, etc, very good for most shots up to about ISO 400/800...

is it reasonable to expect anything but a DSLR to produce good IQ over iso800? and even then it'd need to be a high-end DSLR wouldn't it? and then you'd need multiple lenses to cover even part of the range these super-zooms cover...

I understand the superzoom vs dslr comparison if IQ is the only or biggest factor and you are a PRO or a real photo-buff.... but other than that, most arguments are moot aren't they?

I think you can only really compare super-zooms to super-zooms if you are comparing anything but strictly IQ ...

I'm a newbie, but that seems tp be what I've found in trying to decide
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