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Interesting idea. I've never messed with adaptors, so can't really offer much. I'm not surprised about dnas having a problem with the post that allows the camera to stop down the lens. One thing that comes to mind immediately is that you'd need to use a lens that has an aperture ring - not one of the DA or FAJ lenses.

I have a K-mount TC (used on an ME so it's manual, no electronic contacts) and use it as an extension tube. My FA and A lenses don't seem to mind being mounted and used on it so you wouldn't have trouble with with the lenses themselves for M, A, F or FA lenses.

Since you won't be using the camera to stop down the lens, the main problem I can see is being able to focus through a significantly stopped down lens.

Would this be easier if you were to use an M42 screw mount lens?
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