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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
Hi lovely Pentaxians

I've just added a Canon 500D to my kit as I wanted to be able to shoot video with my Canon kit and was aware of the limitations of both the Canon 500D and 5D mkII not being able to control aperture.

I know that there are certain adaptors available to Pentax and Nikon that I believe will allow me to set the aperture manually.

I'm considering getting this adaptor from your knowledge of Pentax lenses do you think what I'm trying to do will work?

At then end of the day we are not talking much money so I'm happy to give it a bash and you never know you might well find me digging around for lens suggestions.

Thanks a lot for any advice.

Mark...not selling anything here but if you really want to try pentax lenses on that Canon go here for very good info...

The members on that forum have hooked up almost any combination of lens and camera you could dream up. Very helpful folks and always friendly.
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