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The first photo my thoughts were "What would the two boys like to be captured in a photo?".

At the bottom, you can see the two amps. Marshall Amps are the rage. My son loves anything that says "Fender" on it. So I thought they'd like the amps to be shown in a photo. That explains the bottom 1/3.

The balloons were part of the stage, had nothing to do with them, but since they were above a tree I thought the green tree and red balloon would add some color to the photo.

Last, the angle I shot it was sort of upward even though the stage was only 12 inches tall. My son is wearing a hat with a bill on it. So I used a fill flash to get rid of the shadow the hat makes.

Is the checklist I just rambled through the right way to think through a photo? What other thoughts should I have included?

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