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Originally Posted by snostorm View Post
Hi Roy,

To see the number of actuations, you have to look at the exif with something like PhotoMe which reads ALL the exif data. It's a freeware download.

The "shutter count" field is located about 2 1/2 screens down from the Manufacturer's Notes header.

It's apparently normal for a brand new Pentax to have a couple hundred shutter actuations from in-factory testing. I'd say that anything over about a thousand would raise a flag for me. . .



Thanks for the link to this program. I had long ago lost count of my numbers on my K20d. I was a little surprised to find that in a little more than a year, I had recorded nearly 68K shutter actuations on my K20. I can't help but think about how long it would have taken to take that many photos in the film days.

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