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Originally Posted by Alan T View Post
I was there in the Dales at Easter, and it really is that green. I am perpetually amazed at how green is our landscape. To match what I can see with my own eyes out of our Cheshire windows (right eye in evf viewfinder, left eye looking at the the real world), I have to turn my camera's color setting up to 'high color' from its default.

Come and visit us, emre, quickly, before climate change browns the English countryside!
Thank you Alan both for convincing me about the level of green and for your invitation.

I'd love to visit your country to see lovely landscape. I don't think you mention the season change from spring to summer for the color change. If it is global warming makes you concerned, I hope to be there before it happens.

Absolutely, you will always be welcomed here too. I may roughly recommend Black Sea region for immense green plateaus, and Aegean and Mediterranean coast for wonderful seaside and ancient world heritage. Of course, not to mention Istanbul and Anatolia with their multi cultural heritage.

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