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If you do decide on a Tamron like the 18-250mm, make sure you get one with a focus motor built in for use on a D60.

The D60 requires a lens with a built in motor if you want Autofocus (since that camera body doesn't have a focus motor built in).

When Tamron started manufacturing their 18-250mm lens in Nikon mount, it did not have a focus motor built in. So, if you buy one of them without a motor, you would not have Autofocus on a D60. Newer versions of the lens now have a built in motor for compatibility with newer Nikon bodies without a motor (the D40, D40x, D60, and D5000 bodies do not have a body based focus motor in them like you have with other Nikon dSLR models).

Some dealers may still have the older version of that Tamron in stock. So, I'd be careful to look for something in the listing indicating that it has a built in motor if you go with a Tamron 18-250mm for a Nikon body like a D60.
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