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I paid around 1500 ($3000 at the time) for my 5D and 2100 ($3000 at the time) for my 5D2.

Matters are being complicated by a very strong Yen however. The Sony A900 and Nikon D700 can be had for around 1700-1900.

I see no reason not to expect those prices to fall a little bit but only as the product moves through its life cycle.

So sure the 5D2 will likely be cheaper in a year's time, maybe by up to 25-30% as is common with all electronic products. But the 5D3 will be released at the same sort of starting price as the 5D2 and 5D before it.

The 1D series cameras have usually had very similar price points through their last 3 or so iterations, as have the XXD cameras.

Hey not that I am not rooting for you to be correct. I am just not as optimistic as you, and I certainly don't think it's worth waiting in eager anticipation of a price drop that will probably never come.
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