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It seems you understand my question. Everyone here got very technical with my wording but I know what I meant. Using the terms I chose seemed to be the simplest way to word my question. So far though everyone is telling me its meaningless when its not.

Ive shot 35mm film for a long time and would like to go digital SLR. Id like to be certain that the lenses I choose for the digital will give the same field of view Im used to. If I take my 18mm lens and put it on a digital SLR body with a 1.5 factor I will get the field of view similar to my 27mm lens on the 35mm film body. I have a point and shoot digital camera and the quoted focal lengths are given as 35mm equivalents. The 35-100mm stated yields a field of view equivalent to a 35-100mm lens on a 35mm film camera.

Im not a photography newbie but I didnt know if the lenses supplied with digital SLR bodies are also 35mm equivalents for field of view. This is most important to me at wide angles. With a multiplier of 1.5 I would need a 10mm lens to give me the field of view of a 15mm lens on my film camera. Ultra wide lenses are expensive.

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