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Default FW on brand new cam

Hi there!

First of all a huge THANK YOU to fishycomics for the fantastic work you did in this forum. You supplied us with sooo much info of greatest value and I cannot say, how much that helped me when considering to buy this camera. I am from Berlin, Germany and just received my Z700 which I ordered a week ago. Upon ordering it, I requested to have it programmed with the latest FW.
Yesterday it arrived, I checked the FW and it is 2703. So I suggest this in fact is the latest official FW supplied by Aiptek.
Fishycomics: Is this in your opinion the best FW so far, or do you personally think 2503 is better? Of particular interest to me is the quality of indoor and/or low light shots, as I read in the forum, that the early FWs caused a rather bad quality. If I remember correctly this issue improved significantly with the later FWs, right?

Kind regards
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