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Originally Posted by penolta View Post
GW, we always learn something when we look for things. You are right on the Dragonfly and beetle, but I doubt you can tell the wasps apart without a program (a taxonomic key) - there are quite a few related ones. Scolia nobilis has four large yellow spots on the abdomen (so it is not likely to be that one) and S. dubia only two, but there are others in the genus and there can always be some variation (by sex as well as individually). The second wasp is more likely a Mason wasp than a Potter wasp, but they are closely related and there are a number of them.
Well Pen, I sure won't argue with you. you're a lot more educated in this field than I am! (that's an understatement) I suppose that's the problem with doing my own research on the internet, I looked these up last year when I took similar photos of what I think (or thought) were the same species and came to the conclusion I had them identified. I think from now on I'll just humbly let you do the ID-ing, it's safer.

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