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Originally Posted by pj1974 View Post
Not just the sunsets / view, but also these portraits are "top work".

Like Hercules, my favourite is actually photo 1! ("winner" is very subjective, hey?!)

But all are very well composed and carefully edited photos imho. Your sister in law should be happy with the results.

Did you do a lot of post processing on her skin, because otherwise she has a pretty flawless complexion?!

The amount of background blur is very good for these.

I think the angle of her face in photo 1 and also the sharpness of her eyes, AND the earrings make it a great combination (I'm not a big jewellery fan generally, but I like those earrings - they seem to match / suit her very well!)


I feel rewarded by another exclusive feedback from you Paul! As you say, the winner can be subjective! Though it seems we've the same kind of subjectivity here Oh, she was pleased by the results and picked #2 for her profile picture at facebook ; ) Btw, here's a good question from you about her complexion! She has a healthy one actually quite fitting her active personality : ) Still, I applied some pp all due to the strong Aegean sun...(some might find it more attractive otherwise, perhaps!) Belive me she's not a big fan of jewellery either, and often tend to appear quite natural as she popped in that day. Yet, she can become really 'remarkable' when she wants to at some occasions!
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