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Fantastic reminders for me, Torgny, of many such scenes from the past 25 years of my children! If your berries are on the bushes, the whinberries/wimberries/bilberries on our hill a few hundred metres away must be profuse, and I must go and look. I remember seeing Norwegians cheating by using specialised scoops to clear whole areas of berries in minutes. I hope they left some for the birds.

Please may we see some more, preferably including the characteristic portraits from such modelling sessions, illustrating the bright purple semi-permanent make-up accidentally applied to lips, and all over the face and arms as well. More salacious images for other forums would illustrate the severe and permanent staining also to be found on any light coloured underclothing after such a photo-shoot/hunter-gatherer family outing.

Images might prove suitable for the current 'Biweekly Shoot-out' forum challenge of "Red, White, and Blue".

If you'll excuse this intrusion, here is an assortment of family members in our Lake District three weeks ago. Someone had spotted wild strawberries.
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