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Originally Posted by mtngal View Post
Excellent series! Kira sure got the hang of catching the frizbee, though she sure doesn't have a retriever's soft mouth. She doesn't care, she's having too much fun.

Thanks for sharing your vacation - I've never been to Hawaii and I've enjoyed your visit. Where else can I go to get a travel fix when I have to work?
I was actually surprised to find out that one of Kira's parents was a full-blooded golden retriever and the other a German shepherd. She certainly shows more of the shepherd than the retriever.

I think all of us enjoy the vicarious pleasure of experiencing new parts of the world through the photos of others on this forum. Beauty takes many different forms and can be found in so many different settings that none of us can ever hope to visit them all in person. Our Pentaxes give us a little window onto that beauty.

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