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Originally Posted by opuscroakus View Post
What are your conclusions of the new firmware?
To be honest I can't tell any real difference so far and it did just list fine tuning anyway. This is just subjective of course as I haven't done any scientific tests on the before and after video although I did do this for sound since one of the fixes listed was: Re-Adjust the built in microphone sensitivity.

I cannot tell any difference. In fact I was hoping they'd reduced it at least a little as I still think the gain is a bit too high for indoor use when there are a lot of people talking or anyone is singing and playing an instrument. You can hear it distorting.

Generally I use this to record my son and outdoor stuff so it's not too much of an issue, but it does seem that the inexpensive end of the camcorder range, still don't have any kind of auto gain making it useless at any kind of event with music.
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