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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
I've had two friends who are Nikon shooters who have had the 18-200 VR, I can't comment as I've never used it in anger however both have replaced it after wanting sharper results. I'm not sure off of the top of my head what they used at the wide end but know they both have the 70-200mm f2.8 for their long options. I'm not suggesting that you go for the 70-200 however just to say there are ways of getting sharper results with the trade off of convenience.

I personally wouldn't want to spend all that money as you have the range covered already with your two lenses. You could put the money to far better use IMHO, at the end of the day you are only looking at one use of this lens so that is quite a premium.
I read through this thread to see the consensus of opinion and here I concur completely. Soft issues, out of focus issues - it ruined a shoot for me. My idea was to use it on the old D70 to save weight over the D3 but I've sold the body and lens and just use the D3 and 24/70. Never a bad result with these. No, the first Nikon lens I've been disappointed with in nearly 30 years.
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