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Buying used cameras is risky. Bying used lenses is fairly safe. Lenses are the anvils of this relm. If something is wrong with a lens, it's pretty obvious, and a little bit of wear on the outside is nothing to worry about. And KEH's ratings are very conservative in my experience.

The RAW vs. JPEG argument has been long and heated, and I am under no illusion that it will be settled here and now. But let me say that there are good reasons to do either. If you've only got one cnace to get it right, shot RAW, as that will give you the best data to work with in post processing. But if you shoot RAW, you can't not post process. If you're just taking snapshots, don't waste your time with RAW. And if you're shooting sports/action/wildlife, shooting RAW slows down continuous shooting, so you'd be better off with JPEG.
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