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Default Dilemma; Sony H50 vs HX1 vs Psonic FZ28Ö.HELP PLS

Okay let me get straight to the point; this would be my first dedicated Digital Camera (I use my Nokia N82 for taking photo in any occasion) and I thought of mastering Ultra-zoom first before jumping to Digital SLR. I'll purchase either one of these three in a week or so and wanted to make sure I get the best, so that I wonít regret afterwards. I'm thinking of learning the art of photography with the camera so I'll be using manual mode more often. The summary of what I have learned from different reviews and forums:

Panasonic FZ28: produces sharp and focused image, have the advantage of shooting at 720p, easy to use menus. 18x optical zoom, good image stabilization. SD card
(I know about the FZ 28 successor but I donít want to wait that long)

Sony H50: Good color, 3inch tilt-able screen.

Sony HX1: 10fps shooting mode, 1080p video, 20x optical zoom, 3inch tilt-able screen (and Iím very fond of it), Twilight mode.

My price limit is up to US$500 and Iím willing to drop out H50 if the HX1 is really a true successor (I mean better at almost everything image quality, sharpness, speed, focusing ability etc). My personal favorite is the Sony HX1 followed by the Panasonic FZ28 (what makes me lean toward sony is the screen, but I can live with that if the FZ28 produces better image) I want a firsthand experience from expert who have at least used any two of the above three.

Iím thanking you in advance and any help provided would be appreciated.

P.S. English is not my first language, please be understandable if you find my post difficult to read.

Safety and Peace
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