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Default Thanks Bob

Originally Posted by pgmCoder View Post
....and swaying with the water heaves in the boat too !!!

Good bunch of files Zig.... glad you had some nice weather there. Greg and I have had some special days here too this past weekend and for this week.
Hi Bob,

It's nice to see some nice weather here for a change. It's been a crazy season 'til now. You folks in Texas certainly have had some unusual weather this year. Only difference is that we've been cold-you guys have had the heat to contend with. Although, it looked pretty nice at the baseball game between the Rangers & Red Sox.

I haven't seen any baseball shots from Greg today with the Rangers playing the Red Sox last nite and for the next couple of games- I thought I might see some. Old John Smoltz got clobbered last nite. Looks like I've got to go to another city to see the Red Sox this year as I've tried to get tickets to a few games this year and struck out (pun intended). The Sox are more popular than ever and tickets are near impossible to find.

Guess I'll go see a Cape Cod Baseball League game instead.

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