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Default Common Terns! . . . a fishing sequence (6 imgs)

Hi All,

I spotted three of these guys among about 50 Ring Billed Gulls. AFAIK, they're usually not that common around here as these are the first I've ever seen in this area, but I might have just not been at the right place/right time.

Here's a stationary shot -- they're much more interesting looking than the gulls. . . but a lot more cautious and hard to get close to.

Here's 5 shots from a 9 shot sequence. I took some liberties in cropping for effect, and wasn't that careful to match brightness/contrast. . . I spotted the tern just as it started to dive, and it took a bit to find it in the VF and gain initial focus.

I didn't notice how the wing tips stayed above the water until I saw the shot on the monitor.

Got it!!!!!

Now to get airborne again. . .

No Problem!!!

Now all I've got to do is get it past all these [email protected]#%^&ing gulls so I can eat in peace!!!

I like these guys --

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