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Default D5000 recall

As a matter of interest my beloved D5000 has got to go back to Nikon on recall. I have taken about 900 shots with it without a problem but I am informed by Nikon that it is a preventative measure.Today I typed into the serial No check list my serial No, which is 7 digits starting with 740---- = recall, I also out of curiosity typed in some random No's starting with 739---- and some with 741--- they were not included in the recall, so it looks like possibly 10,000 units may be affected. I dont see it as a big deal. Anyone looking at the camera could easily check if a particular body is due for recall by checking the No. out before buying. I doubt if the serial numbering started 0000001, if it did, it indicates that they have sold over 8,000,000 units, not bad in a recession.
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