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Originally Posted by sueg View Post
If not for that recall,I would have bought the D5000 yesterday instead of the D90. I really liked the feel of it in my hands & the rotating LV. I asked the salesclerk about the recall & none of them were even aware of it. I would have been upset if I bought a camera & had to immediately ship it off for a recall. If not for this site,I would not have known about the recall.
While not thrilled about the recall, especially with Nikon's history of issues at launch (This is number three--the BGLOD of the D70, The D2h dead meter being the first two, plus the DBS problem with the D300), it's not a big deal to send the camera in. Nikon typically fixes the problem're looking at a 7 day or so turnaround, and Nikon typically checks and will fix any other issues, including cleaning the sensor for free. So you should actually feel better about the camera when you get it back because you know it won't have any issues. Yes it's inconvenient, but the D5000 fit my need--I was looking for the IQ and low light performance of my D300 in a lighter, smaller body. I didn't need all the features of the D90 (i've got a D80 as well), so there was no sense overspending. I can also afford to wait since i've already got two other bodies. I just wish they had simply published the list of bad serial numbers so shoppers could find a camera that wasn't affected, or retailers could choose to address the problem before selling the camera.
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