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Well, I will be quite honest with you all-

As the price has dropped here in the USA on Sony's HX-1 camera, I have come back to revisit this rather unique super zoom camera. As a digital camera instructor who loves and appreciates super or ultra zoom cameras, I initially looked at this camera in May 2009.

Then of course, it was sellat at nearly its full list price of $(US) 499.99. When you considered the Twilight Mode, its Panorama Mode, and it very high 10 fps Burst speed, it was a rather unique camera, that called out for attention.

With its USA price now approaching $(US) 400.00 it have come back on to the buying horizon and demanding attention. I still feel as I did in May 2009, that it was an excellent first attempt by Sony to compete with the Canon SX-1, also a CMOS imager based super or ultra zoom camera. In its current status it is still a very interesting camera, but I cannot help but wonder what the follow-on version might be like.

The Sony HX-1 is truly a software/firmware based camera that is virtually 100% dependent on the camera's software/firmware for many of its very unique features. Hopefully, Sony will desire to move forward with the basic design and expan upon the HX-1's potential.

However, we have history to refer to in that respect. Sony developed the very unique and amazing R-1 camera, and then did not create a follow-on camera for the R-series cameras at all. My hope is that Sony will fine tune and improve on the design of the HX-1 camera. Quite honestly, I am very much looking forward to the potential of what the Sony HX-2 might introduce.

Sarah Joyce
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