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Default D5000 Died

I just purchased my D5000 at the end of June and was going on a 26 day trip to Europe. On day 5 my camera died, I thougt it was the battery. A dead camera with 21 days to go, through some of the best places to visit for photography. I called my dealer since I purchased lemon-aid insurance and they sent me a new body with a freind that was coming to Europe and I hooked up with them to get my new camera. If I was not able to get this new camera I would be pissed off in a big way. My brother in-law sent me the recall notice while I was travelling and that's when it all made sense. I checked both serial numbers and both bodies are recalled, they are selling defective cameras. I'm lucky that the second camera worked for the balance of my trip. Could you imagine missing pictures from: Cinqueterra, Lucca, Pisa, Florence, Sienna, Tuscany, Amalfi coast, Capri, Pompei, and Rome. I had already missed taking breathtaking pictures from the Dolomites and Venice, bummer.
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