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All-in-all would the P90 owners out there say you are still happy with your P90? ..any regrets?

I realize it's not a DSLR (nor are any of the other megazooms) so I understand this. The P90 and Pentax X70 were dissed in many reviews but then just raved about in others. Steve seemed to love both cameras and the sample pictures I thought looked great (X70 better I thought). I've read that these cameras don't do well in low let but the portrait, indoor shots Steve took I think look amazing. I realize it has to do with the person behind the camera too... all of this research is bringing me down!

I'm still researching what I'd like to get.. the new Panasonic FZ35 will be coming out in Sep but I don't really want to wait that long (not that I won't... however it is only a x18 zoom but takes amazing pix... so they say)... and I've still had my eye on the Pentax X70. I still don't want to pay $400+ and the P90 and X70 are both going down in price.

This thread is so awesome but I have read that the X70 has better image quality...? Maybe it's all subjective? My head is reeling from the pro 'reviews' out there.

I only have 1 other P&S that my wife uses - it's a 8.1 mp and works well but I want that zoom and a better camera (just not the DSLR expense step) to get creative with and have fun! I want to have fun taking pictures again!!....

I did finally have an opportunity to play with a P90 at Best Buy..seems the teenager found the power cord ! I liked the feel and the controls were in good areas (aperture, etc). It was really kind of dark, dreary and florescenty in the store so .. I just don't think it's the same in a store. I tried sports (taking pix of some person walking) and that was really cool - I had never used this with a digicam until then. I didn't change any ISO settings... just used auto also... and the flash (which made the pix look better).

It's a shame because this is probably the only megazoom I'll be able to touch except for a Canon!!

Ok... I'll stop whinnning !!!!!!! I just need to bite the bullet and make a darn decision!! I just don't want to have any regrets!!
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