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OK. Here is what I need from a camera:

1. Take good to great portrait shots of family. We also have a dog and cat.
2. I frequently visit parks and like to take wildlife and landscapes. Our area is home to ospreys, bald eagles, herons, deer, turkey, and other wildlife
3. My family has a boat and I like to take pictures of our outings of people, wildlife, and scenery. We boat on a river that feeds into the Chesapeake Bay
4. I need to learn more about flash photography, but I would like a camera that takes great shots inside with out having to manipulate many settings
5. I would like to experiment with depth of field
6. Take pictures of scenery at the beach, especially of things off in the distance
7. Portability is not a major issue, but a small footprint would be nice. It doesn't have to fit in my pocket
8. Ease of use is not a priority, but would be a nice addition. I understand you will have to study and experiment with the manual settings to get the full use of any camera.
9. We go to at least one major sporting event a year, either NASCAR or NFL. Would be nice to have some acceptable pics from these events.

These are most of my major interests and I hope it helps with any recommendations you may have.

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