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Just spitballing an idea.....

There might be a use for a short length macro lens for some specific applications.

For example, I shoot 1:1 to 1:4 product photos with the 100mm marco at 75 to 90 degree vertical angles with the product on a waist high display table, I often end up having to stand on short step stool to comfortably compose the shot.

The minimum focus distance of the 50mm is not short enough to eliminate the need for the step stool for the range of goofy shots (and the short focus distance of the 50mm would not have been beneficial {for lighting and other reasons} for many other shots that I must take).

I could have purchased a shorter work/display table, but I really don't want to compose products below my waist height (and adjustable height tables are just not stable enough for the range of products that I shoot)

So I have suffered with the step stool and the 100mm for those 2-3 goofy shots per week that I must take.

BUT a much shorter focus distance of the 30mm Macro MIGHT allow me to get rid of the step stool.


Am I going to run out and grab the 30mm just to get rid of the step stool that I use for 2-3 shots per week?

Not real fast. Most definitely not today. But in time I will seriously evaluate the performance of the lens, the cost of the lens and the inconvience of the step stool.

I highly doubt Sony was thinking of me when they designed this lens.

Most likely, Sony was figuring there was a group of semi-macro shooters (1:2, 1:4 even out to 1:10) who desired a low cost macro lens that could do double duty as a semi-fast, short length prime lens.

Are these potential customers going to be happy with this lens? Who knows. But at $199 I suspect a lot of these lenses will be sold.... most likely as an inexpensive short prime lens that can do some limited macro work.
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