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Default 100-400 Canon

Hey ALF.....
I dont know if you have gotten this lens yet, changed your mind or still thinking about it, but I will give you a little of my impression of this lens...I got it about a year ago and for me its been the best lens and most used lens and the most fun lens I have... I have used it on my 20D, 50D and 5D with super results with all 3 cameras...The IS is really good...400mm is hard to hold because of the weight of the lens...It is a bit heavy but nothing more than a lens you have already...The sharpness is outstanding, the bokah is really nice...Push pull zoom wasn't a problem getting use to...Keeping the lock ring tight keeps the lens form drifting as some have complained about...Just an overall fun lens to have...I have tried my 1.4 converter with it and had a bit of a problem with the focus ...Seems to "seek" to find focus on far away objects...May be a lens problem but its probably more me...I just switch to manual and deal with it that way...I don't think you would regret the change if your still considering it...
Good luck...
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