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Originally Posted by dsdillon View Post
I just bought an Olympus -E-450 from Adorama and, in general, am very pleased with it. I have found little on the internet about customer reviews of this camera. I do know it has sold on QVC and Adorama, but few others. And, it is only being offerered, by most, as refurbished. I'm wondering if there is something wrong with this camera and if Olympus has chosen a different route to marketing. Since refurbushed means only a 90 day warranty, I'm curious about any information suggesting this might have a defect or problems that would present itself not far down into the future. Any information about this camera will be appreciated.
I can't tell you anything about your particular model, I'm afraid; although, if you were to ask my personal opinion on whether the equipment that Adorama offers as refurbished is typically less than a year old, based on the regularity with which we receive batches, I'd be inclined to think it is all relatively new.
As to the individual background of a single item, the honest answer is we have no way of knowing.
Refurbished equipment is not like new inventory; the manufacturers contact us when they have a batch to sell, and the history and availability is unpredictable.

A refurb may be an ex-store demo, possibly used in field tests or sales displays, or it may have been ordered in error and returned to the retailer (who can't then sell it as 'new' so it has to be sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment).

A refurb can also have simply been pulled from the production line if something appears faulty, or if it hasn't passed the final inspection.
Most of the time it is a very minor issue that needs correcting, nevertheless, once it is pulled from the normal flow of production, it gets flagged as a refurbished model, so you may get a unit straight from the factory that has never been used.

A refurbished item will have been checked over by the manufacturer by hand, inspected very thoroughly, diagnosed, and calibrated by experienced technicians, and could therefore turn out to be more dependable than a new item - which will only have been checked by a process of systematic quality control protocol (ie by random sampling as it comes off the conveyor belt).

I don't know if this helps at all, but do contact me directly if you need assistance with anything else.

Helen Oster
Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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