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Originally Posted by The_Other_One View Post
Yes Fishy, Target does carry the GVS as can be seen on their website. And I don't know much about new/old current/past models of the camera, but I do know my first one was gray on black. From what I've seen (and apparently from what Target sells) the GVS has been slightly redesigned but still carries the same color scheme. The new black on black model seems to have a couple new features (according to Amazon) but I'll find out what all's true once it arrives. rgvcam; I was talking about the gray/black one which was slightly changed over my previous gray/black one I got from Amazon a few months back. I really wanted the black/black one though and have been waiting for it to be released. Of course it's finally avaliable once I get the gray/black one from Target :P But yeah, it seems they've changed the design around a bit. I still had the box from my previous GVS and compared the two. Sure enough, even the pictures of the camera on the box have changed (such as the flash orientation). Well, noone may be too interested in all this, but I do recall a post made some time ago with someone asking the differences between the Amazon gray/black model, the Target model, and the black/black model.
No problem. All information regarding these models is welcome.

OT: I see you have a Minolta Dimage XT. I have a Minolta Dimage F300 myself I love this little camera and was saddened when they exited the camera business
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