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Default Camera took a crap...

Yup, my six month old Sanyo VPC HD100 has stopped operating. When I open it up and press the [ON] button it immediately goes to full telephoto and begins to record. Best I can do is press ANY button and hold it, and it saves the movie - and begins recording again.

I found the Sanyo website for these cameras bought at Wal-Mart and left a message explaining my plight. Here's the response I got:

"The warranty coverage period is 90 days for parts and labor. If your camera is beyond or past the 90 day parts and labor coverage and you require service, please note that although repairable, the cost of parts and labor may not be as feasible or economical. Please consider that the normal out of warranty labor cost will be around $ 195.00, this does not include the cost of parts and return freight upon completion of repairs."

Keep in mind I paid $200 for this camera in the first place! My response was as follows:

"Wow, I sure appreciate your quick response to my question.

Please be assured that since your repair costs are SO high, and your warranty is SO short, and, your support of this product is SO poor, that I will make it a point of never again buying any Sanyo products. And be assured, I "will tell my friends" this story."

And so my friends, that is the story of my experience with the Sanyo VPC-HD100R camera...
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