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Originally Posted by ashwin View Post
Thank you Sarah...

I need some help... I have attached 2 pics with this.. I was playing around with the controls and the 1st pic I wanted to focus on my friend and leave the background out of focus and as per your old posts I set the aperture setting to 4.5 and got that :-)

The second pic was taken with flash... the skin tones are totally unnatural... Could you let me know how to correct that?

Thanks a lot in advance.. if anyone has any pointers I'd be grateful!!!

Have a gr8 day


Check out page 44 of the manual. Seems to me you'd need to use a diffuser and "Slow sync" flash. A diffuser can easily be made from just about anything colored white. IE - a business card, table napkin, etc. I made one from an empty pill bottle with the top and bottom cut off. This is what it looks like mounted

The pill bottle diffuser mounted on the Oly SP570UZ
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