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Originally Posted by Wayne12 View Post
Another that might be worth checking out is the Sony Webbie
I bought a webbie from Sony Style, then returned it. Low light performance is abysmal.

I just bought a Panasonic ZS3, with x12 zoom, and 60fps 720p video (please don't flame me on this - it is 60p, I have analyzed each farme with AVIsynth and Virtualdub). It is nice. Adequate low-light performance (video up to ASA 6400) and an amazing, absolutely amazing, Leica lens. Of course, it cost me $339 from Amazon, so it isn't cheap. But it is small, weighs 8ozs, and will nicely replace my v1073, which just bit the dust...

Interestingly, the ZS3 allows manual white-balance and manual EV settings on video. The rest is automatic, but the EV especially makes quite a difference. If you leave it in full-auto, the algorithms used give a nice, professional control over video. Not as good as the 24fps movie mode 1080p out my HF100, but a pretty equivalent functionality for such a tiny camera.
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