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Originally Posted by Keltech View Post
I have only been actively posting for a short time here. I have been a Pentaxian for only a little over 3 years. I have lurked on all the other sites and posted two or three times on the Pentax Forums site.

I chose to stay here because I felt the people here were not quarrelsome, were helpful, and there was a kind of camaraderie among the posters that I did not see elsewhere that made me want to join in.

I am here to learn from others and share what limited knowledge I may have. I also echo Harriet's comments.

Your reasons very much mirror my own.

Most of my posts are are in the Pentax DSLR forum simply because Pentax is my camera of choice and the topics discussed provide me with relevant information. The photographs posted allow me to see the capabilities of Pentax equipment and the quality of those images can certainly inspire me to improve. In all of the forums on this site, not just Pentax DSLR, there is a friendliness and civility that unfortunately is not always present in some other websites and forums.

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