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A few comments/suggestions:

1. Look into getting a camera that can shoot in RAW mode. It gives you hugely more flexibility in colour processing.

2. Learn about "Expose To The Right" as a way of optimising your exposures for digital processing. Combine this with RAW shooting and you will be amazed how much you can do in the shadows.

3. Get a monitor calibration device. (Absolutely essential.)

4. Get a good colour monitor. (Advice that I will soon be trying to take myself, but it is horrendously expensive to get a good one.) Unfortunately the new Apple high-contrast/deep-black monitors look great but are hopelessly inaccurate.

A UK site to browse to get the idea of the monitors you should be looking at:

5. The Foveon sensor is a wonderful bit of technology, but there is a lot of "fanboyism" surrounding it. Fans refuse to admit that it's not the be-all-and-end-all. When it comes to colour - looking good is not the same as accurate. Both Bayer sensors and Foveon sensors have their own unique issues when it comes to colour accuracy.This is why the cameras and new monitors are so over-saturated and high-contrast. People love over-saturated images with very high contrast, they look great to most folks. But they are not accurate - so annoying for you.

6. Brace yourself. Colour accuracy is expensive. Even the very basic stuff is going to cost you way more than you wanted. (I just hope you aren't going to need colour-accurate prints too.)

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