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My next question is then, if I should choose to purchase the sony a230............
Because Sony has the special lens mount, I would then be locked into a Sony or Pentax(?), correct? Unless of course I wanted to repurchase the same lenses for (eg) a Canon or Nikon later. Which leads me to --- Does Sony historical have good dslr cameras? Are the more expensive models as good as the 230 seems to be in comparison with Canons? Like I said earlier, I have always been told Canon was the leader so that is why my questions are geared in that direction.
Is 10 mp enough mp in a dslr? How quickly will the need arise (in general) to go to a more advanced camera? I know no one is a fortune teller, just curious if you might have an idea.
I am really grateful for the information because I can tell you in our area there is no one that can answer my questions.
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