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Dear Nickagain,

I have tried MyAlbum, but it can't do a simple search & play in a CD (I have no problem in creating Autorun.inf).

There are 2 programs in MyAlbum:
"MyAlbum" for compiling albums and I need to specify an album name and then follow through the wizard to add pictures.

"MyAlbumViewer" can only open an album already compiled.

I am looking for a search & play program and I want to get away with compiling album.

Can you advise me if I am doing the correct thing?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I don't think so. Is it really that much harder to do what MyAlbum does, than copying pictures to a CD and supplying everyone with an autorun p[rogramme each time or permanently? I can do 100 shots into an alobum, then exe file in 5 minutes. It's just about automatic.You can even choose to ignore the wizard, and simpl Edit/Add Folder. If you should be brave enough to choose the root folder of your HD()or CD), you will get it _all_ as an album. Save the album, makle an exe, send the exe.
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