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Ok, I'm planning on getting an FZ7 for Christmas this year, and I'm trying to compile a list of lenses to ask for as well. So I need some input on which what to buy where kinda thing.

Macro: This one seems the most obvious because I've heard about it a lot more. Raynox DCR 150, right? I know the 250 can go ever farther, but for general not very specialized use, the 150 is a better choice right? I just want that extra power in macro photography when I need it.

Tele: TCON 17. I've seen this more than other names pop up when talking about a tele lens. Does this stand as the best choice still or would something like the Ricoh tele lens work ok too? Pros cons to either or some other advice?

W/A: WCON 07/08, or Raynox 6600? I've seen both been used, not sure which is pro/con better over the others. If they're about similar, then would price be my only real deciding factor?

Mind you for all of these i'll probably need some sort of adapter. i was planning on getting a pemaraal 52-55mm adapter with the extending hood if that would be the most beneficial (tele macro, and tele lenses would have the most benefit from the extending hood, right?) And eitheruse a WA lens straight on the fz7 or maybe also get a straight 52-52 adapter (from pemaraal as well) so i have the little extra length over my leica lens (i've read that all full extension, the telescoping adapter causes some errors in the corners with a WA shot/lens)

I've heard that the lens listed above are pretty much best bang for the buck, anything I missed?

Also a big question is where to buy all of these? Pemaraal is easy. But what about raynox and olympus lenses? Should I be looking primarily on ebay or is there a good online store (like buydig) that concentrates on DC accessories?

*whew* ok long enough... ill shut up now.
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