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Why would someone use a lens hood indoors?
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To prevent lens flare from lighting to the sides of the main image (for instance, the main light in most studio portraits is to one side of the subject...ususally 30-45 degrees).
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If they're using a wide angle lens and there is a strong light source coming in at a steep angle (bright window, lamp), it could cause some loss of contrast if a hood wasn't used.

Also, shooting in an area with milling crowds or heavy foot traffic poses some danger to the front lens element from flying elbows, etc. The hood would provide an extra level of protection.

Then, there's always the "Impression Factor." This is a tricky one and can easily backfire. If you walk around with a lens hood on indoors, people will either think you're a pro or a dweeb! If questioned, judicious use of either of the above reasons will tend to sway them towards "pro." I specify "judicious" because if you use reason # 1 and there are no strong sources of light, you may as well write "dweeb" on your forehead with a magic marker. :roll:

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I think Hoods look quite cool.

Chicago Astronomer Joe
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