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themosttogain Mar 2, 2007 1:42 PM

I hope this doesn't count as forum abuse, but I think my problem belongs more in this section now than in the Newbie Help section.

I have just recieved my second 2x telephoto lens (the first being a cheap generic model, and the second being a bit more pricey) but I have had the same problem with both. I only get a 1.2x magnification, and not a 2x. There are sample images in my other post (here)if anybody needs to see my results.

Has anyone got any ideas why this should be thecase? Will my Fuji simply not accept a 2x telephoto for some strange reason? Maybe I should be posting in the Fuji forum!? Help!

Bob Nichol Mar 3, 2007 3:56 PM

Camera such as your Fuji S6500fd has a fixed lens system, 28mm to 300mm in the 35mm world. Since the lens is fixed you can only use an teleconverter afocal auxilliary lens to extend the range of your camera lens. It isn't a real telephoto lens as you would find on a DSLR.

In your case you have a 2x teleconverter which would make your lens a 56-600mm zoom range which doesn't necessairly mean your images will be twice as large but more like twice as close!

The rule of thumb in 35mm is Focal Length divided by 50 equals binocular power (roughly). A 300mm lens would be about equivalent to a 6 power binocular and a 600mm would look somewhat like a 12 power binocular. Power, or magnification, in this case means the apparent closeness.

See the Raynox web site for an example of what to expect.

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