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Carlos, since i appear to be the only dennis on this particular forum, i guess the question was for me. i don't have a CP5700. i have a fuji s602z. so, i don't i don't know how it will work on a CP5700. i think it would be good for sports or concerts depending on how far from the subject you are. it's a nice lense. on my camera the zoom needs to be a full zoom and there is just very slight vignetting. most of my pics get cropped a bit anyway so it is of no real concern to me. if i am not the dennis for whom you meant your post, i appologise for jumping in. but, i think i'm the only dennis in this forum.

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Is my fault !! Im new on this forum, but surely my question was for you. Thanks for your advice anyway...Im look forward to buy this raynox lens.

Let wait what the other person in the forum that have the coolpix 5700 tell me about it...

Thanks again....
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You should all go to http://raynox.co.jp if you want to know more about the DCR-2020Pro or any of the other Raynox lenses. Their website is very comprehensive with a lot of pages for specific cameras showing which of their lenses will fit on the different models. Best of all they have pages of sample images taken with the actual camera showing whether there are any problems with vignetting and showing what the effect of each lens will be compared to using the camera by itself. Raynox rocks.

Carlos, there's a page here about the Nikon Coolpix 5700: http://raynox.co.jp/english/digital/egnikon5700.htm

Just click on any of the photos of the camera on that page to go to the page of sample images. With regards to the DCR-2020Pro, they say it was designed for cameras which already have 8-10x zoom, so it should work even better with the 5700 than it does with the Fuji s602z which only has 6x zoom. I believe the 5700 has 8x zoom, so it should work great with the DCR-2020Pro with very little vignetting and probably slightly better focus around the edges than in the photos Dennis posted.

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