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RedBear wrote:
Close-up filters and macro lenses use positive diopters to allow your camera lens to focus on something closer than it normally would.
and may i ask here what is the difference between a close-up and a macro lens? would anybody so kind to try to describe it for me with simple words, please?

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Speaking of lenses - I just got this camera and have no idea which ones to get for a newbie like myself. I suppose I should get the adapter ring first and maybe UV filter although what does this do besides keep lens protected. Any other suggestions as to lenses to get if any for a newbie?

Also, if the IS messes up pics with an added lens, then you can just shut it off correct? I just started with this stuff and the more I read the more questions I have.

Steve- awesome site.
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:-)The IS feature works by a compensating element in the lens, the maxamplitude of the compensation is determined by the focal length. For longer focal lengths the amplitude is smaller but the sensitivity is probably higher, allowing more compensation cyclesto be made. My guess is that as long as the focal length is similar there should be no difference in the IS whether or not a Canon tele-converter is used. Even if the tele-converter is significantly different, IS should still work although the result is less than optimal. You can prove this by using the tele mode in IS when there is no teleconverter attached.

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Has anyone tried any IR photography with the S1 IS? I tested the camera and it seems like it does see IR. (I pointed a remote at the lense and it saw the light just fine)

Also which converter do you recomend? I have seen the one by Canon that I understand to be made of plastic and the one by LenseMate


that is metal and is also cheaper than the Canon one. Any thoughts.
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:-)I have a Raynox Pro 1540 and I am satisfied with its performance. You can check out the sample pics at


Unfortunatey the casing and thread is plastic. It is not going to be as durable as metal.
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