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Hello all...

Im no pro and nor do i shoot professional shots. I own a F707 and want to buy a Telephoto lense and a Wide angle lense...

Ebay has a few Digital Optics lenses... the 0.45x Superwide angle lense with macro..

And the 2x Telephoto lense...

They are at what seems to be a fair price...however will these lenses do a good job for me or are they trash?

Also dod these lenses just screw on or do i have to buy other hardware?

I know there are better lenses (raynox) but these lenses are convient to buy.

please let me know

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AVOID THEM!!! They are GARBAGE!!! (Don't know how many times that has been said here, people see an inexpensive price, and they want them).

Check out the Raynox lenses:


Not only do they show each lens on the camera, but if you click on the lens it will take you to a page of samples with and without the lens on the camera.


I wrote the above before I saw that you mentioned Raynox in your message...what makes the D.O. lenses convient to buy, because they are CHEAP? You get what you pay for. What's worth more, saving a few bucks, or getting good pictures?

I admit I went with a cheaper lens before (A used Canon), but with my camera it had a defect I had to correct in every picture I took with it (the camera and lens just didn't get along)...I smartened up and bought a Raynox, and have been happy ever since.

I've seen D.O. pictures, and they are just not sharp, have chromatic aberrations...they just take awful pictures when used with good cameras.
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THanks....will do as reccommended
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Tele converters vary widely in quality of build and in optical properties. Over the years I've used and tested a wide variety of tele converters with an equally wide variety of cameras and perhaps can pass along some useful information.

Presently, for the Sony DCS-F707, there are only a few teleconverters which are truly worth considering. By far the most popular among F707 users is the Olympus B-300 1.7x which was discontinued and replaced with the Olympus TCON-17 which is virtually identical in every way. This lens is not overly expensive today compared to what the old B-300 sold for, and has excellent optical properties but lacks threads on the objective for filters, etc. It's quite easy to press fit a step ring which canbe used for this purpose if you need or want to use filters.

The very optimal quality teleconverter is the Olympus TCON-14B 1.45x which is a huge, incredibly high quality optic but limited to 1.45x. Sony makes a couple telecnverters similar to the B300/TCON-17 which have excellent optical characteristics but are more expensive.

Raynox, Kenko, and other teleconverters in the 1.7x - 2.0x range simply are not up to the Sony's most excellent Zeiss designed lens. Do they work? Yes, but distortion and soft images with increased chromatic aberration are the penalty.

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