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Considering a lens Adapter for my A80 to add on filters. Notice that Lensmate offers 37mm or 52mm. Does one have an advantage over another? Do you get better picture quality by using one vs another. totally new at this. Thanks in aadvance.
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Hi, I know it's been a while since you posted but I hope this still helps, Just getting an A95 I was wondering the same thing and after searching and reading way more than I care to admit (I'm kindof anal about getting as much info as possible), I think thiswould be the list as to the pros cons of 37 mm and 52mm adabters

37 mm
1) Less shadowing of the flash
2) Line of site of through view finder not obstructed

1) Slight vignetting at wide angle (one step of zoom should work)
2) When usingjust afilter you have a better chance of having vignettingdo to the smaller diameter of the lens
3) Slightly less assortment of lenses ????

52 mm
1) Less chance of vignetting at any zoom (depends on lens of course
2) Less vignetting or lens distortion when using just a filter due to larger diameter
3) Larger selection of lenses??

1) Line of site of through view finder slightly obstructed
2) Some shading of flash might be visible

With that being said I must also add that I'm very new to the digital camera world so I'm just writing what I believe to be a fairly intelligent opinion based on bits and pieces of many threads and articles, I could be very, very wrong. Good luck
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Having just gone through the same decision for my A85 I decided on 37mm. The basis for this was a better choice of goodconverters (in my opinion anyway). I wanted to use the Nikon converters whichhave 28mm threads, a lot closer to 37 than 52.

I know that many use Tiffen 37mm converters.

It was a bit more complex than I expected to make work with the wide angle WC-E63. The main reason is that most of the stuff required is not availiable in the UK but also because initially I had a problem with vignetting. I am now using Bower A60/A70 adapter tube (a different length tube is required for A80), the WC-E63 and most importantly a 37mm to 28mm thread converter. This is not the same as a step down ring as there is no flange on the ring and it actually allows you to mount the WC-E63 further back into the tube.

The TC-2e Nikon tele converter works fine also - tried this in a local shop but have yet to stump up the cash. The Nikon converters can be picked up for reasonable prices on Ebay and are probably better than the other converters including the Canon options.

Cheers, Chris.
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