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I have a 40.5 circular polarizer for my Oly 5060. I was wondering if you need to lock your exposure first before adjusting the filter? I've played around a little bit but I have a hard time seeing the differences on the LCD. Some of the pictures came out ok when I download them. I'm just not sure if it's me or the camera. I know it's best to have the sun over your sholder for the most effect (at least that's what I think). I just want to make sure that the camera doesn't compensate for the adjustments before I press the shutter half way to lock everything.

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I lock my image after I've set the polarizing filter.

I have an "ancient" Olympus C-730 andso the "advantage" of an electronic view finder which displays the various settings. When I can't see a discernable difference in the scene while rotating the polarizing filter, I monitor the lens settings and look for a "slower" shutter or "larger" aperture. It takes a little practice.

There are times when a polarizing filter works wonders and times when all it does is act like a neutral density filter. For those inbetween times, you need to look carefully at the scene; it may be a slightly deeper color on the leaves or just a tad less glimmer on the water. I guess it's a matter of personal preference.


Paul in NoVA
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Thanks for the reply and for the monitor tip. I didn't think about that. I'll give that a whirl.

Best Regards,

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