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crazeeguy Sep 15, 2005 7:21 PM

Hey all total newbie to digital cameras and photography here, and im considering buying a minolta z10 (bang for the buck... i dont wanna spend much but am an accessory junkie for anything). Anyways i like everything about the camera... have looked at a TON of sample images and am plenty sastisfied, but the one accessory i would definatly want almost immediatly would be a wide angle conversion lens, but i was unable to find any (other than the one offered by minolta) and was wondering if there were any companies that make quality conversion lenses for this camera... i kno better than to buy that junk offa ebay
thanks all

crazeeguy Sep 17, 2005 7:40 AM

anyone...? can i just use ANY 43mm lens? what are some reputable companies?

plg3 Sep 17, 2005 11:40 AM

Crazee -

You're right to be cautious about buying any ol' lens off Ebay. Stay away from those with "titanium" or "digital" in their names and offer "3 lenses for the price of 2..." A new lens will cost you around $75.00 (US) and up. And according to DPReview, you will also need an adpator in order to mount the lens on your camera.

There are a number of sites on line to check out lenses.B&H Photo and Video get top marks. I purchased both of my add-on lenses from Peramaal Online ( ); great service and they have some sample picture comparisons on their site.

Names to look for? Try Olympus orRaynox (although some models are better than others.) Search Steve's site here for Raynox as they have a very good wide-angle adaptor (I forget what model it is.) I have an Olympus WCON-07 which provides a .7x multiplier. It takes my Olympus C-730 down from a 38 mm (equiv) to ~28 mm (equiv) and I like it a lot.

A side thought - have you tried panoramas? Great alternative to using a a wide angle lens. I find myself doing more pano's, especially when I don't have my WCON-07 readily available.

Good luck in your seach.

Paul in NoVA
Oly C- 730 B- 300 WCON- 07

crazeeguy Sep 17, 2005 1:31 PM

hmm... well since the z10's tripod mount is centered under the lens that is a definite possibility (i cant believe they make cameras where the mount ISNT centered!?!) and all probly want a tripod anyway it might be a cheaper/better/more sensiblealternative thanks for the idea! im a photoshop junkie (shameless plug - im an ACE(adobe certified expert)actually lol so if anyone needs photoshop help im more than happy to help when i can) and will likely be post processing all my images anyway since im uber-picky, whats a few more seconds to pop up the panorama command and stitch a few photos together... have u ever tried takin 4 photos (2 across and 2 down?) and stitching them? seems like a good way to pump out some extra resolution from the 3MP from time to time if i really needed it(for about 11-12MP:O).. anyways im rambling lol... thanks for the help plg! ill have to look into it more thank for the links!

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